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Prince Briggs Woodard Hall

Norm Shafer, January 26, 2016.

Named after Prince B. Woodard, who was president of Mary Washington College (MWC) from 1974 to 1982. Unfortunately during his presidency Virginia was going through financial issues, which made MWC’s budget even less than it was originally. However, this did not stop Woodard from trying to continue to make the college an excellent place of learning. Woodard helped create many new programs and classes, including the Center for Historic Preservation, which is today one of UMW’s most popular draws. (1)

Woodard Campus Center was built in 1987. Home to the Nest, a popular dining spot on campus when students don’t want to eat at the University Center, this building is a central part of UMW. Additionally, after a major renovation, it is now home to the College of Business. (2)

In color, The front of a building is shown, there are also several benches and trees in front of it.
Woodard Hall in 2015, prior to the expansion and remodeling. Photo courtesy of Norm Shafer.
A man in ceremonial robes stands at a podium prepared to give a speech. More people are seen sitting in the background.
UMW’s President Prince Woodard, giving a commencement address in the 1980s. Photo courtesy of The Centennial Collection in the University Archives.









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